I think it’s funny that even though I have high end eye primers, I still always reach for my $3 Elf primer. It really works amazing on me and I couldn’t ask for a better price tag!

Contouring your face makes a huge difference ladies! Left side I used color tattoos “Tough as Taupe” with Mac’s 109 brush to contour. Right side I used nothing. Girls with round faces or cheek bones that aren’t visible need to use this stuff! ¬†Enjoyūüí謆Image

Ammo palette

Swatches and Sale alert!

Right Now UrbanDecay.com is having a sale! Both these beautiful palettes are half the price they normally go for! so order yours while you still can! The one with the butterfly is called the Mariposa palette, and the one with the gun is called the Ammo palette.

When I was in high school I had tried an off brand whiting gel that you brushed all over your teeth and left on all night. Well to my horror when I woke up the next morning the whiting product had eaten through layers of my enamel. Since then I’ve had extremely sensitive teeth and using anything with whiting chemicals has just been out of the question.¬†So my search for something organic that wouldn’t cause any damage brought me to the most amazing trick I’ve ever done!

Whiting my teeth with the inside of banana peels! I know it sounds crazy, but I promise it works great! I could tell a huge difference after only 3 uses!

What you do is¬†take the inside of the banana peel and rub it all over your teeth for about two minutes. Then just spit and gargle some water to get rid of the peel on your teeth. You can also let it sit a little longer for deep stains. That’s it! You can use it as many times as you want and you won’t cause any damage to your teeth! Saving money, fighting hunger, and getting a beautiful smile never tasted so good!¬†


I’ve always liked Mac’s Pro Longwear foundation but after a few¬†months of use, my once pretty spotless face turned into pizza city! I had acne on top of acne which was something I’ve never experienced before. So I sadly had to discontinue use of it. Since then I’ve been looking for a foundation that was buildable, long lasting, with a smooth finish. Finally I found it!!! Loreal True Match Lumi is amazing and unlike any drugstore makeup I’ve ever used! It’s extremely buildable without making me feel like I’m wearing a face mask. I highly suggest giving this little treasure a try!


Say it with me... Primer is my best friend!

Although I may not be able to predict when my daughter is going to throw up in my car two hours away from ourhouse, or hide crayons in her socks before I do laundry causing all of my white shirts to look like I went on a snow cone eating frenzy. I can predict that without creating a good base for my foundation to lay on I will go from De Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Van Gogh’s La Mousme in a matter of hours, in other words… NOT CUTE!

I’ve tried a lot of foundation primers and I know how confusing it can be! Every drugstore to name brand product promising miracles in a bottle and prices ranging from $7-$60 can be nerve racking hoping that you don’t pick the wrong one for your skin. I picked up a bottle of Smashbox’s Photo finish primer a few years ago after hearing countless people and magazines rave about it. I was impressed and it did do everything it promised- To absorb oil for a matte finish all day, and to fill in fine lines and other skin imperfections with light deflectors to create a smooth appearance. Although this primer was great I was not excited about the $49 price tag that came with it. One night I saw a post from a makeup artist about using Monistat Chafing Gel as a primer. Although I was skeptical at first I baught a tube and I’ve never gone back! It’s $7 at most drug stores and it works better them my expensive Smashbox primer! I defiantly suggest giving it a try and getting a pedicure with all the money you will save!